There are various kinds of gluten-free pasta in the shops which may or may not be low FODMAPs. The brand that I find easy to digest is Buon Appetito gluten and wheat free pasta by BUONTEMPO. It’s 87% rice and 13% maize/corn flour. It comes in spirals and penne. Kids love it. It’s softer than wheat pasta so be careful not to over cook it.

Barilla sells gluten free pasta that tastes like, and has the texture of “real” ie wheat pasta. It’s more expensive but worth it.

The same rules for getting good pasta apply, ie regular stirring while lightly simmering the pasta.

Tomato Pasta

Quantities for 2 serves


  • gluten free pasta (approximately 1 cup for each person and 1 for the pot)
  • 5 or 6 tomatoes (a mixture of Roma, vine ripened and standard tomatoes)
  • best olive oil
  • herbs (basil, oregano, marjoram – fresh or dried)


  1. Put enough water in a large pot to allow the pasta to move freely when stirred. Bring the water to a moderate simmer before adding the pasta. Add the pasta and stir gently. Watch the pasta until it comes back to a gentle simmer. Don’t let it boil.
  2. Cut up the tomatoes but don’t de-skin them as you lose flavour and goodness.
  3. Put about 2 Tablespoons of good olive oil in the frying pan. Warm it and add the tomatoes. Return the tomatoes to a gentle simmer. Don’t let the tomatoes boil.
  4. Keep a watch on the pasta and tomatoes, and stir both pots intermittently as needed.
  5. When ready drain the pasta. The time needed is usually less than stated on the packet.
  6. Blend the tomatoes by hand or a stick blender. Add the tomatoes to the pasta and stir.
  7. Serve with your favourite cheese, or without, if you prefer.