If you have FODMAPs sensitivity and are a vegetarian, your available food choices are limited. There are very few recipes on the internet that are accurate for people who have several FODMAPs sensitivities and are vegetarians.
Another problem is that recipes tried and tested in one area of the world might have ingredients different from the ones you have access to. The method for measuring of quantities, and cooking terminology vary also.

I would like to publish recipes that follow a strict low FODMAPs vegetarian diet for people who live in Australia.

If you are able to tolerate other food, or wish to add ingredients to the recipes you can. It is easier to start with the essentials rather than remove a food that disagrees with you, or have to adjust quantities such as cups, teaspoons, ounces, grams, etc.

I am an amateur cook with an enthusiasm for delicious, healthy, easily digestible food. I like researching various cuisines of the world and adapting the recipes in my home kitchen.

Happy, healthy eating.

Courtesy of Google: Bom apetite. Bon appétit. Buon appetito. Καλή όρεξη. Etc.